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iPhone Photography – I’m a Hipsta now

One of the fun thing with iPhone photography (iPhoneography) is the number of apps that allow you to exercise your creativity. I understand that sometimes a photo look can just be a fad or gimmick and won’t stand the test of time. But that is a chance I’m willing to take once in a while.

Bench in Edinburgh park, iPhone and Hipstamatic

Lone bench in an Edinburgh park. I love the Hipstamatic vintage look with minimalist compositions.

One of the first iPhone photography app I was introduced to is Hipstamatic. It’s a fun app that allows you to create images with a vintage look. You get a choice of lens types and films. You must commit to a lens/film combination before you take the picture, so it takes a bit of playing around to get some intuition about what the results will be. And the photo preview is very small, which can be a problem if you are like me and don’t have great eyesight.

Edinburgh castle from Princes Street. iPhone and Hipstamatic

Edinburgh castle from Princes Street.

Another drawback of Hipstamatic is that it gives you no control over exposure or focus. That was the main reason I was turned off iPhone photography in the beginning.

Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh. iPhone and Oggl.

Scottish national Gallery on Princes Street, Edinburgh. I tried different versions after importing into Oggl, and this was my favourite.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all of my pet peeves about Hipstamatic. It’s called Oggl. You can import all of your Hipstamatic lenses and filters, and even get some new ones. It is also possible to import into Oggl pictures taken with another camera app, such as Camera+. This solves the problem of the small photo preview on Histaminic and the need to commit to a particular lens and film combination before taking the picture. After years of Photoshop use, I’ve become accustomed to the flexibility afforded by digital photography to make decisions about the final look of the image at the editing stage, rather than having to commit right in camera.

ice cream van on Princes Street, Edinburgh. iPhone Oggl vintage look.

When I saw this ice cream van on Princes Street, I know I wanted a photo with a vintage look. It took a few tries of lens and film combinations in Oggl before I found one that I liked.

I’ve only begun to experiment with these fun apps, and I’m looking forward to taking many more photographs to hone my iPhoneography skills.

Princes Street Mall, Edinburgh. iPhone and Oggl.

I love shooting street photography with my iPhone. Nobody pays attention to you. This was taken at Princes Street Mall, Edinburgh

Light Painting: Edinburgh Vintage Shoot

I have done more photo shoots with Maria than with any other model. Not only does she look fabulous in photographs, but she always has interesting ideas for photo shoots and that makes for fun collaborations.

I couldn’t really believe that it had been nearly two years since our last project. Time flies when you’re having fun. So when I wanted to further explore the light painting technique, I asked Maria if she was interested and if she had any ideas.

Model in a light blue vintage dress and hair against a blue garage door on Circus Lane, Edinburgh

This garage door on Circus Lane, Edinburgh, attracted my attention because of its texture and colour. It also wasn’t lit by any of the street lights, so it was dark enough for the light painting technique to work.

She told me that she had wanted to do a vintage-themed shoot for a long time. Now if you’ve ever met me, you’ll know I’m the opposite of a fashionista. So I had very little idea of what that meant, but having worked with Maria in the past, I knew that I could trust she’d give me some great looks.

I also ask collaborators if they know of some interesting locations. And Maria suggested the area around Circus Lane in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

Model in a vintage light blue dress and vintage hair sitting on the steps of St Stephen's church, Edinburgh

The steps of St Stephen’s church in Edinburgh may not look like a great location for a photograph. But I recognised two important elements of design, line and pattern. And with light painting, it is possible to make nearly anything look interesting. Adding a  lovely young lady to the image doesn’t hurt either!

One of the reasons I love light painting, is that with this technique, one can make some ordinary backgrounds like a garage door on Circus Lane or the steps of St Stephen’s church look interesting. Such is the power of lighting!