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Interior Photography with Skela Studio

If you are an interior designer, it is very important to showcase your work in the best possible way. Visitors to your website will get their first impression of your designer skills from the images you show them.

When showcasing a room, for example, it is also important to tell a story with the photographs, and  to convey the atmosphere of the place. I’ve been collaborating for a while with Aleksandra of Skela Studio interior design, and on this particular day we decided to shoot her bedroom.

Interior photograph of backlit bedroom with tray on bed

The establishing shot, showing as much of the bedroom as possible

To borrow a term from the movies, the first photograph above is the “establishing shot”, namely it gives an overview of the location, or room. I love backlit pictures, i.e when the light source is the window in the photograph. Those are rather difficult technically (try it yourself), because the range of light and dark is much greater than what the camera can capture. It is thus essential to take a number of photos with different camera settings and combine them in post-production. On this occasion, I also “light painted” the curtains as they were too dark in the original image.

Close-up of interior design. Bed with tray.

This composition seemed the natural one in the sequence of photographs.

After the establishing shot, I needed to showcase the important details in the interior design. The bed and tray were an obvious choice.

Close-up of interior design. Bed with tray. Vertical composition

As one of my photographic heroes Bryan Peterson says “What is the best time to take a vertical picture? Right after you take the horizontal”. It gives you options for different types of layouts.

I chose to take a horizontal photograph as well as a vertical one, to give more choice to a photo editor wishing to showcase Skela Studio’s work. The vertical composition could be used as a magazine cover, for example.

Interior design, reflection of bed and tray in mirror with perfume bottle.

It is really important to “work your subject”, and try many different compositions. You never know what you may get. I really like this photo.

Finally, I noticed the mirror in the room and being a big fan of reflections, I knew there was a great photo opportunity there. It took a little rearranging of the items to give me the composition I wanted. This may be my favourite photograph of the set.

Light Painting A Dancer – Karen

I have been looking to work with dancers for a while. I know I  enjoy working with musicians, because I can relate to the fact that they really are into their work. It is their passion. And I imagined dancers would be similar in that respect.

Since at that time of year the weather in Scotland is quite wet and cold, Karen and I decided to do the shoot indoors, at Shapes Fitness Studios in Edinburgh. The location is rather barren, save for a mirrored wall. I therefore decided that I would play with reflections of Karen in the mirror. And since light painting requires the subject to remain as still as possible, we started with Karen sitting on the floor to make it as easy as possible on ourselves.

Dancer and choreographer Karen Mc Arthur and her reflection at Shapes Fitness Studios, Edinburgh

I did not expect the background windows to show up as clearly during the four second exposures I used to light paint Karen. As it turns out, that was a really pleasant surprise! The street lights gave the windows an orange glow, which I felt didn’t suit the mood and colour scheme of the photograph, so I changed that colour to blue in post.

Having a large mirror in the frame is quite tricky when light painting, because I needed both Karen and her reflection to come out nicely but I cannot see through the camera when I’m close to the model light painting with my LED light. So I needed to do a few test runs to see where to light from in order to avoid nasty reflections in the mirror.

Dancer and fitness instructor Karen McArthur at Shapes Fitness Studios, Edinburgh

Same location, different pose and camera angle

I also decided to play with coloured gels, as a bit of an experiment. In the end, I’m quite satisfied with the results and especially with the experience gained working on this project.

Dancer Karen McArthur leaning against a mirrored wall at Shapes Fitness Studios, Edinburgh

At the end of the shoot, I had Karen standing. We needed to find a clean bit of the mirror for her to lean on. Traces on the mirror would show up in the pictures when back lighting the scene, totally ruining the photograph.