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Photobomb, Madisons’ Style

The job of an event and nightclub photographer is to capture the fun moments of the evening or night.

The patrons get nice pictures to remember the event by. The benefit to the club owner is that if their customers fondly remember a party at the nightclub, they are likely to come back for more. They are also likely to share the pictures on social media with their friends and in doing so advertise the venue.

This is clearly a win-win situation. The party goers get fun memories and the club owner gets some advertisment.

Photobomb taken at Madisons nightclub in Musselburgh

It took a number of tries, but I finally managed to get a nice photobomb. Thanks to the photobombers who just wouldn’t give up

The urban dictionary describes “to photobomb” as “ to drop in a photo unexpectedly…to hop in a picture right before it is taken”. According to Wikipedia, “photobomb” was named Word of the Year 2014 by Collins English Dictionary. With the advent of smart phones and social media sites, photobombing is a very popular activity. Even former US president Bill Clinton engages in it, and his Obama inauguration photobomb went viral.

When I cover a nightclub event, I look for photobombs, because they gets likes and shares on social media. Like the one above, taken at Madisons in Musselburgh.