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Real Estate Photography: 20 Atholl Crescent Lane, Edinburgh

Atholl Crescent Lane is a quiet side street off Shandwick Place. It is within easy walking distance of Princes Street and some of the main tourist attractions in Edinburgh. It is therefore a prime location for holiday lets.

Living room, holiday let, Edinburgh

Very cosy living room at 20 Atholl Crescent Lane.

Dining table and kitchen, holiday let, Edinburgh

If you turn the camera 180 degrees from the previous photo, you see a dining space and a very functional kitchen.

Kitchen, holiday let, Edinburgh

A closer look at the kitchen.

Dining area and living room, holiday let, Edinburgh

From this vantage point, you get a sense of the spatial relationship between the dining area and the living room. Especially after you’ve seen the first two photographs.

It always amazes me when I look at the Airbnb website and see so many bad photographs. From my own experience, I believe people will not look at all of the available properties, but select a few within their price range and pick the best from these.

Bedroom with three single beds, holiday let, Edinburgh

This holiday let can accommodate five people, with three single beds in one of the bedrooms. I always prefer the shot with the window in the photograph, and hence the backlight.

Bedroom with three single beds, holiday let, Edinburgh

From this angle, you can better see the three single beds.

Your listing on Airbnb is therefore competing for attention with all of the other available holiday lets. A great thumbnail picture will entice people to check out your property. And when they see all of photos that do your property justice, they might very well book right then.

Bedroom with double bed, holiday let, Edinburgh

My favourite angle, with the window in the frame and the backlight. But from this angle, you can’t quite see the bedroom actually had a double bed in it.

Close up of double bed, holiday let, Edinburgh

This picture complements the previous one, in that it clearly shows the double bed.

Bedroom with double bed, holiday let, Edinburgh

From this angle, you can see the rest of the bedroom, and in particular the storage area behind the bed.

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. A professional real estate photographer can add value to your property. And the cost to you is only the equivalent of one, two or three days you charge to let the house or flat.

Bathroom, holiday let, Edinburgh.

It’s always important to show an immaculate bathroom.

It is obviously not possible to measure how many extra bookings professional real estate photographs will bring you, but I have little doubt that one, two or three extra days booked within the lifespan of the photographs (a couple of years or more) is quite an underestimate.

Exterior photo of the 20, Atholl Crescent Lane flat.

On this sunny day, I was able to capture a nice exterior photograph. You can clearly see the property is located in a quiet area.

The photographs will therefore pay for themselves and then some thanks to the extra business you’ll get.