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Light Painting A Dancer

One of the photographers I really look up to is Joe McNally  And some of my favourite images of Joe’s feature dancers.

So I decided to look for dancers willing to collaborate on my light-painting personal project. Having a willing subject is only half the battle. Just like in real estate, finding a great location is of the utmost importance.

Dancer in front of green building in the Meadows, Edinburgh

Dance artist Thania Acaron. The Meadows, Edinburgh

I always liked this green building located in the Meadows park, in Edinburgh. It has so many of the elements of design: colour, lines, shapes patterns and texture.

I had told Thania to bring a variety of outfits for the shoot. Initially, I had wanted her to wear something red, pink or purple to create colour contrast with the background. Like all artists, Thania is a bit of a contrarian. So she brought a green dress to the shoot. In hindsight I’m glad she did, because it worked really well with the location.

Light Painting A Sawist

If you follow this blog, you know that one of my current personal projects involves the technique of light painting.

I love the mood  one can produce using light painting, and I’ve been exploring  a number of subjects and locations. Since I usually only light a bit of the scene at once and must therefore combine a series of shots in Photoshop, I cannot really see the final result on the back of the camera. I therefore need to develop some intuition about the technique and be able to visualise the final result and how to light the scene to get what I want.

light painting of sawist in front of  Cramond Library Bistro

This building really caught my attention, and I knew it would provide an interesting background for my subject.

Louise is a professional cello player, but also likes to play the musical saw. I usually asked the people with whom I collaborate if there is a particular location where they would like to be photographed. Louise suggested an old tree in Cramond with amazing roots.  It looked great during the day, but when we got there at night, the chosen location posed too many practical problems and we had to resort to plan B.

After walking around for a while, we found the Cramond Gallery Bistro in the picture above. It didn’t take me long to decide this would likely be a wonderful background.

light painting of sawist on stairs in Cramond

The village of Cramond is absolutely wonderful if your looking for photo shoot locations.

We had time for another location, and I was drawn to the door and statues on the floor in the picture above. It was not easy to frame the picture in complete darkness, and I realised it would have been a good idea to take some additional lighting for this purpose. I learn something new every time….