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Food Photography Adventures – Light Painting Cupcakes

My three previous blog posts were about the first three assignments for the food photography class offered by the Bryan Peterson School of Photography and taught by George Crudo.

Light painting of colourful cupcakes on blue plexiglas

The cupcakes were light painted using a StreamLight stylus LED light during a thirty second exposure

For the last assignment, we had to combine two of my favourite things, food and light painting. If you read this blog, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the light painting technique.

Any kind of still life can make for a really good light painting subject, so why not food?

There is a caveat though. Since it can take a while to do a light painting, the food must look fresh for quite some time. One also has to paint in the dark, and in Scotland during the summer, this means quite late at night. For these reasons, I chose to light paint some cupcakes I had bought at a confectionery nearby.

When I saw the colourful cupcakes in the store window, I instantly knew I would photograph them on my blue plexiglas sheet. I was quite pleased with the final result. The light painted cupcakes look nice. And they tasted great, by the way.