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Edinburgh Urban Lips

“Always carry a camera, it’s tough to shoot a picture without one.” — Jay Maisel

I’m a big fan of photographer Jay Maisel. Jay always has a camera with him and takes pictures every day.

In a sense, I always have a camera with me, the one that comes with my phone. But the image quality I get from it is a far cry from that of my “proper camera”.

I was reminded of the importance of this a while back when I was wondering about the streets of Edinburgh. You never know when you are going to see something interesting. I cannot count the times when I saw something that would have made a good photograph but had left my “proper camera” at home.

Fortunately I had a good camera with me when these “electric” lips in an Edinburgh shop window caught my attention.

Bunch of red light bulbs in the shape of lips in a shop window, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is full of great photographic opportunities. Some obvious, some less obvious like these lips in a shop window.